Smart Factory.

Medulla Smart Factory is manufacturing's central nervous system.

Medulla Smart Factory is a cloud-based platform that connects manufacturers to their shop floor equipment, in-line with Industry 4.0 practice. It provides autonomous workflow management, data collection and electronic signatures for day-to-day manufacturing operations.

Medulla maintains traceability across all data logged during a build to provide a detailed and structured production record for each manufactured device, including test records, rework and any reuse of parts.

Easy to set up and manage from the shop floor, Medulla delivers a cost effective platform that reduces manufacturing risk in order to maximise workflow effectiveness


Smart Factory provides 'out of the box' compliance, purpose built to work with your specific QMS & regulatory needs.

ISO 16949 - QMS for the automotive industry supply chain

ISO 13485 - QMS for medical device manufacturers

21 CFR Part 820 - FDA's guidance on cGMP

21 CFR Part 11 - FDA's guidance on Electronic records

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